Quality Control


  • Protein Feeds Ltd. is a fully approved and compliant feed compounder with the Universal Feed Assurance Standard (UFAS) (Valid to 31/08/20, no. 4021) for the blending of assured animal feeds and the supply of feed ingredients.   

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  • This is a code of practice in which the premises is independently audited on an annual basis to ensure conformity.

  • Click to download the UFAS Certificate pdf here:



Samples of rations

  • The premises is audited by UFAS, DEFRA, trading standards plus other bodies. Quality is ensured throughout all the processes of feed production.

  • Traceability is ensured by a robust and comprehensive control system.

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Raw materials

  • All raw materials are purchased from approved suppliers, and are fully traceable back to source.

  • Samples are taken of all bulk raw materials according to usage and these are kept for three weeks.

  • A comprehensive analysis programme is in place to quality test raw materials, using an external laboratory.

cattle-feed raw materials

Manufacture of finished feeds

  • The feed rations are made to a specific formulation and specification, and carefully mixed and produced in meal form for distribution by bulk blowers.

  • Finished feeds are also sampled, retained and analysed periodically to ensure product quality.

  • Protein Feeds does not use any additives at any time in making up a compound.



  • Feed is delivered using our own fleet of trucks or approved outside hauliers.  

  • Our transport abides by the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC) codes of practice for animal feeds.



  • Protein Feeds Ltd. put a large amount of effort into providing customers with top quality rations.

  • We therefore act promptly on any customer complaints we receive.

  • We also keep detailed records on any complaints and aim to resolve them as soon as possible to the customers satisfaction.

  • You can rely on Protein Feeds Ltd Feeds for your cattle business.