Prairie Meal  (Maize Gluten)

Prairie Meal

  • Prairie Meal is the dried by-product of the manufacture of maize starch. 

  • It consists principally of gluten obtained during the separation of the starch. (hence otherwise known as Maize Gluten.)

  • In the wet milling process, after the maize germ and fibre are removed, the remaining material is centrifuged to isolate the starch from the gluten for further processing to modified starches, sweeteners, etc. 

  • The remaining gluten is dried and then milled/sieved to produce a consistent course powder high in proteins with a natural pigment.

  • Rich in protein and energy. It is also a reasonable starch source (16% in DM). For ruminants, the protein is largely rumen undegradeable and high in bypassmethionine.

Key Features of Prairie Meal

  • Rich in Protein and energy

  • Non GM

  • Reasonable starch source

  • Bright golden orange with a characteristic aroma

  • Palatable up to 20% inclusion within a ration.

Prairie Meal analysis on a dry matter basis (%):









Metabolisable energy (ME) (Mega joules/kg dry matter)

Dry Matter (%)



Limits to Usage

  • Excessive levels may cause soft carcass fat or discolouration.

Storage / Processing

  • Stores well in cool dry conditions. (Average storage qualities.)

  • Material to be stored and transported in compliance with UFAS code of practice.