Wheat Distillers

  • Distillers Grains are a cereal byproduct of the distillation process.

  • There are two main sources of these grains. The traditional sources were from brewers. More recently, ethanol plants are a growing source.

  • Wheat Distillers is high in energy and protein which is partly degradeable.

  • Contains digestible fibre at moderate levels which makes it ideal for ruminants.

  • Protein is partially rumen undegradeable due to the heat used during the manufacturing process.

Wheat Distillers analysis on a dry matter basis (%) :

wheat distillers

Protein Oil Fibre Ash
33 8 6 5


Metabolisable energy (ME) (mega joules/kg dry matter) Dry Matter (%)
13.9 89


 Limits to Usage

  • High copper levels (150 ppm) mean it is unsuitable for feeding to sheep.

  • The free unsaturated oil content should be noted when used in ruminant diets.

Storage / Processing

Distillers Grains

  • Store under dry conditions.

  • Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.