Citrus Pulp


  • Similar in digestible fibre levels, energy and fermenting sugar to sugar beet pulp, but slightly lower in protein. The citrus fibre has a buffering capacity in the rumen. Citrus pulp can contain oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines etc.

  • Orange citrus is recognised as the best as it is more palatable, has a better ph and contains more suitable acids which, in turn, minimise rumen upsets. Ideal for all ruminants and the pleasant aroma encourages intake.

  • Citrus Pellets

    Citrus pulp, mostly available in a pelleted form, is derived from citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons etc. after such fruits have been processed for juice. Calcium (as limestone) or sodium hydroxide is usually added to assist the drying (and pelleting) process of citrus pulp. Once pelleted, citrus pulp exudes a characteristically citrus fruit aroma, making it highly appealing to animals.

  • Citrus Pulp is usually fed to ruminants in quantities as large as 5kg per day. It is not advisably fed to pigs or poultry due to limonin, a bitter substance occurring naturally in citrus fruit seeds, to which they are toxic. 

  • Seeds, peel and the inner tissue of processed citrus fruits are all used to form citrus pulp pellets.

  • Its good palatability and relatively high energy content make citrus a commendable feed for ruminants.

Citrus analysis on a dry matter basis(%):





Metabolisable energy (ME) (mega joules/kg dry matter)

Dry Matter (%)







Country of origins

  • USA, Brazil

 Physical Appearance

  • An orange to dark brown meal or pellet.

 Limits to Usage

  • Product should not be added or removed quickly from a ration as it may cause refusal. Poor calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Other Requirements

  • Dioxin (sum of PCDD and PCDF) maximum 500 pg 1 - TEQ /kg.

  • Will comply with relevant EU and UK legislation.

Handling & Storage

  • Material to have been stored in compliance with UFAS code of practice.

  • As a moist product, it can be fed immediately or clamped. As a dried product, it will store well for 3 months.