Malt Pellets

malt residual pellets

  • Malt pellets are a combination of co-products of the maltings industry whereby the intake of malting barley is first screened before processing to remove fine grains. The larger grains are then dampened and allowed to sprout, a process which turns starch in the grain into sugars in the malt.

  • The process is stopped and the sprouts or rootlets (Malt Culms) removed and dried. The mixture of Malt Culms and Barley Screenings is then pelleted to produce the Malt Residual Pellets. At certain maltings, Culms are pelleted alone to produce a higher protein, but consequently lower energy feed.

    Barley malt extract

 Malt pellets are a:

  1. Good balance of energy and protein.

  2. Reasonable starch content

  3. Can be used for all classes of stock

  4. Produced mainly from UK grown sources

  5. Good availability all year

Malt Pellets analysis on a dry matter basis (%):






Metabolisable energy (ME) (Mega joules/kg dry matter)

Dry Matter (%)







Limits to Usage

Storage / Processing

Stores well in cool dry conditions.

Material to be stored and transported in compliance with UFAS code of practice.


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